Arabellas bellydance with Tais, New Zealand
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© 2022 Arabellas bellydance with Tais. Created by Marina Peresvetova

Arabellas bellydance with Tais, New Zealand
belly dancing lessons

Bellydance classes

Learn to Bellydance 

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to increase your fitness, or to develop your self-confidence, or find a new hobby, our classes are designed to help you achieve the results you’re looking for!

Our classes range from teenagers through to mature age ladies - it's never too late to start Bellydancing!​

Bellydance in Auckland

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Classes Levels

Remember, the above is a very general guide for a rough overview of each level. The speed of your progression depends on many factors that are individual to you, and if you’re new to our School, talk to Tais to have a level assessment.

belly dancing for beginners

Open Level

This class is suitable for students of all levels. We will move ata faster pace than a regular beginners class, focusing on technique, with optional challenges for more experienced students. We will be getting our heart rate up with lots of movement combinations in a fun workout. Be prepared to have a great cardio workout and sweat up a storm!

belly dancing for beginners

Beginners Level

This class is designed for students new to belly dance or seeking to polish the basics. Students will learn basic belly dance technique, including posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations and traveling steps. No dance experience necessary!

belly dancing for beginners

Intermediate level

If you aspire to improve your bellydance skills further, we encourage you to join our Intermediate Level class. We will practice more complex combinations and floor patterns, learn to travel with various isolations and layering. The class is designed to allow students to learn stage presence and challenge themselves with a fun, bonding experience. We learn various bellydance routines (with and without props), which you will have an opportunity to perform, if you wish (no pressure!).

belly dancing for beginners

Advanced Level

These classes are designed to master your skills with challenging techniques and complex choreography. This is a faster paced learning environment where you will be simulated by being pushed outside your  comfort zone each and every class! As well as technique, we learn various bellydance routines (with and without props), which you will have an opportunity to perform, if you wish .

belly dancing classes


I love coming to belly dance, I look forward to it during the day. My arms are starting to look hot and I love the new way I can move. I feel much more feminine and confident in my body, all thank to Belly Dance! ...and it’s fun too!!!

Sarah B.

I appreciate that Tais presents her class in a friendly and fun way. She is encouraging us, students. I feel no pressure to perform and feel comfortable in knowing that I can do my best!

Dianetha D.

I love Belly Dancing, it always leaves you forgetting your problems, puts you in a good mood and is great from of exercise.

Sophie E.

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