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Tais Belly Dance is an international multy-award winning dance company that offers fun and exciting BELLY DANCE CLASSES as well as family-friendly PROFESSIONAL BELLYDANCE ENTERTAINMENT that is sure to be the highlight of your event!

Tais teaches public group belly dance classes at dance studios on the North Shore as well as in Central Auckland.  Come along and enjoy the health benefits bellydancing can provide as well as having fun.  And no you don't need to show your stomach! 

Find out more about class schedules, book a private class or find out about hiring her for your next event.  Tais's entertainment is energetic as well as elegant and there are a range of different shows and pricing options to suit any occasion.

Interested in learning to dance yourself?  Find out about the HEALTH BENEFITS of this elegant art including a good cardio workout resulting in both flexibility and strength with a particular focus on the core muscles (torso).

Contact Tais now to find out about these benefits and more.




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