Private Classes

Some women might not feel comfortable with practicing in group classes and would prefer more one on one tuition, or need help to improve their dancing to the next level, or the time of the group classes is not convenient for them, Tais offers private tuition.

Private belly dancing lessons are focused on the individual student and concentrated on working on your specific requirements and needs you want to achieve, such as:

  • working on particular moves that you need to improve
  • focusing on overall techniques
  • working on your posture, arms and body image
  • choreographing a dance piece designed especially for you
  • teacher's supervision and recommendations for you
Contact Tais to discuss your private lesson requirements.


$60 per hour - 1 person

$80 per hour - up to 4 people


Fun, friendliness, fitness. I look forward to my weekly Belly Dance class. I feel sexy even after a hard day at work, it’s a great leveler.
Erin Donovan
I find the classes very uplifting and inspiring, it also raises my self esteem.